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This is undoubtedly an epic challenge which will test these friends to the limit of their physical and mental endurance. They are putting their bodies and lives on the line to raise money for vital research into urological conditions and I would recommend this as a very worthy Challenge to support.” Sir Ranulph Fiennes, explorer and patron of The Urology Foundation

Andy Torbet“Some people run 5km to test themselves and raise money for charity.  And this is certainly commendable, every effort counts.  But other people decide instead to subject themselves to two months of self-imposedd torture and row 3000 miles across an Ocean. Braving storms, sea monster and very sore bums. I’ve known people who have completed this feat in the past and all were rightly proud of their achievement but I don’t think any of them actually enjoyed any part of the experience.  But great things never come easy and anything worth doing takes hard graft, and not in one brief spurt but by grinding away day after day.  I’m lending my support to the lads because attempting to row the Ocean is both a bold venture and in a very good cause… and it’s not something I have any intention of ever doing. I’m much too sensible for that. Good Luck.”

Andy Torbet, underwater explorer, skydiver, adventurer and TV presenter.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat is an endeavour that has left me awestruck since I worked for John Ridgway in my late teens (he and Chay Blythe rowed from Boston to Ireland in 1966) and I’m deeply impressed by the ambition and determination of this small team. The Atlantic Seamen are taking on a physical and mental challenge that few have the capacity to fully imagine, and it’s for a particularly worthy cause. If you are in a position to help this team achieve their goal, then I would urge you to do so

Ben Saunders, polar explorer, endurance athlete, and motivational speaker

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‘This group of friends are in for the most amazing experience in support of a good cause. No doubt it will be a tough test but it will also have the most amazing moments that will lift their spirits as they glory in nature. For advice I would say whatever happens ‘just be kind to each other’. As a sailor I wish them ‘Fair Winds’ which probably translates into strong arms and comfortable bum! Geddon Boys’.
Pete Goss MBE, sailor, adventurer, international speaker and former Royal Marine